Our Investigation

This castle with its ancient roots is a fantastic place to investigate.
It is haunted by the Half Lady who is reported to jump from the tower of the castle.  She is known as the Half Lady because all that is seen is her top half as she plummets to the ground and vanishes on impact.
There are so many different areas in the castle with different feelings and responses.  Every time I have investigated here with my team , there is always something new coming to light.
The first investigation I did was with Matthew Fletcher and It was very interesting.  We entered the arched tunnel that has a set of stairs which are bricked up at the top and we conducted an EVP session with KII. This stairway seems to be rife with activity and I have had several touches and responses in this area every time we go back,.  People are often sick or affected by what we believe to be a demonic presence.


Spofforth Castle was built by Henry de Percy in the early 14th century when he was given a licence to crenellate a manor house on the site, with later alterations made in the 14th and 15th centuries.

The Percy estates, including Spofforth, were confiscated after the rebellion against King Henry IV in 1408 and given to Sir Thomas Rokeby. They were later restored and then lost again in 1461 when the Percys supported the losing side in the War of the Roses. Spofforth Castle was eventually returned to the family and remained inhabited by their steward until 1604. The castle was reduced to ruins during the English Civil War of 1642–46.

The castle was given to the Office of Works in 1924 by the Baron Leconfield. The ruins, primarily the west side of the original castle, are now listed as a grade II* listed building and under the guardianship of English Heritage as a tourist attraction. They are managed by Spofforth-with-Stockeld Parish Council.