A little Pub history

In 1844, the country's first hydropathic hotel, The Benrhydding was built on the site of The Cow and Calf. In 1873 the building became a private residence called Highfield House before becoming a boarding house in 1949. When visiting The Cow and Calf, look out for great views across Wharfedale and historic features, like the old Victorian well that still sits in the grounds.

The Investigation

We have been to the Cow and Calf on two occasions and on both, it never failed to surprise us with new findings.
N.Y.P.I. was invited by H.A.R.R.P.S to investigate with them.
During our first visit, we heard barrels rolling and footsteps where we knew no-one was around because from an empty staff room.
The second time we went was with Made In Leeds and caught lots of evidence from communicating, using yes and no questions.  We were getting tapping replies in the breakfast room and one of our female presenters was touched in the male toilets and jumped a mile. May I add the camera was on her and the surroundings and no-one touched her from our team.
On an adjacent room camera, we also captured a quick Infra red flash 3 times in a row indicating something had walked across it.