York Gallows were situated on the Knavesmire and erected in 1379 on the southern outskirts of York.
The execution site was also known as the York Tyburn after the Middlesex Tyburn Gallows.
There were several hangings here but more famously Dick Turpin who was a Highwayman met his fate in 1739.
Every time I investigate The Gallows, usually on my own for it is local to me with living in York, there's always a sad depressing feeling comes over me like a heavy atmosphere.
The last time I was there just before Christmas, I had my best KII session to date with good interaction with Yes and No and I was also getting charged all over so the spirits were really trying to communicate.
I am very much looking forward to my return to the gallows in the next couple of weeks where hopefully I can find more answers.


York's public execution place known as Tyburn, takes its name from the London site. A gallows was erected here overlooking the Knavesmire on the Tadcaster Road in 1379. The gallows known as the 'Three Legged Mare'  were used until 1801 and removed in 1812. The most famous executee was the highwayman Dick Turpin in 1739.