York Castle in the city of York, England, is a fortified complex comprising, over the last nine centuries, a sequence of castles, prisons, law courts and other buildings on the south side of the River Foss. The now-ruinous keep of the medieval Normancastle is commonly referred to as Clifford's Tower. Built originally on the orders of William I to dominate the former Viking city of York, the castle suffered a tumultuous early history before developing into a major fortification with extensive water defences. After a major explosion in 1684 rendered the remaining military defences uninhabitable, York Castle continued to be used as a jail and prison until 1929

Clifford's Tower York

This Norman Tower which stands proudly on a mound Near York Crown court is of Norman Architecture , And used to be me made of wood but a great fire demolished it, it was rebuilt only to be brought to the ground by a gale.
In 1245 Henry the III instructed it was reinforced and built of Stone as it stands today all those years later.
N.Y.P.I.  did an investigation with another team at the Tower and it turned out very interesting, We climbed the stairs to the Main door of the Tower and stood there asking questions with Our Infrared Cameras and KII and EVP recorder as we didn’t have permission to investigate inside.
We had communication with a Man which was the Gate Keeper of The Tower and he wasn’t very pleasant according to The Medium we had with us.
There was also presence of Children we had KII interaction with them for quite a while.
You could feel a lot of Energy near the door and it seemed to pushing us away, The other thing we picked up on was a smell of Smoke residue which we thought could be linked to the Fire which damaged the Original building.
All in all a good Investigation.